Mimic mod knob automation

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Post 11 May 2023

it would be great if it was possible to be able to modulate/automate mod knob in mimic . please consider implementin this feature . picture attached.
besides that we want to be able to moulate/automate most parameters and knobs on all devices and more cv in slots on racks but more importanly automatable parameters . it is 2023 . we make , produce music , sound design differently nowadays . in 2000 we were happy just to have racks but demand has grown , in especially soundesign domain. we need all parameter to be automatable . well as many as possible.

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Post 12 May 2023

an easy workaround is to use the cv ins on the device for modulation. then you can modulate the modulator device level. with whatever you wish. Reason is a modular system. there is a workaround for almost everything. I could set it up in a combinator for you if you like. then you can use it as a template. It is a simple fix. all that knob does is control the volume of the modulator. That can happen before it hits the device. All of the devices in the below pictures used are free in the shop. They may get around to doing that someday. But you can have what you want now. I set up an envelope and 3 lfos. You can get way wilder than this. but you have to think outside of the box. Hope this helps.
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