Mix channel strip in RRP

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Post 06 Mar 2023

Please bring back the mix channel as a rack device. It will be very helpful in RRP.
To have a volume pan and eq whenever you creat an instance of RRP.
Or if you want to create another instrument you could drag drop the mix channel as needed.

Also it would be neat if the mix channel strip already included a compressor which is in switched of state bu default but if you want you could turn on the compressor or limiter.

I understand that the mix channel strip in reason standalone was tied to the mix channel in the SSL console. Perhaps thats why it was removed from RRP.

But in rrp it should be a seperate device. Just like there are rack versions of the main eq and the master bus compressor.

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Post 06 Mar 2023

Why not make your own channel strips using combinators?

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