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Post 17 Feb 2023

If I only have one knob to control with I wonder if it is possible to add a feature where you can like double click or something on a knob or fader etc. on a device to control just that with that knob.
Not right click and and edit remote override, just one easy way to switch between things.

I wish for that for example the AS-16 analog sequencer so you can double click or whatever easy way and control each knob as I want.

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Post 17 Feb 2023

There are controllers that integrate with mouse hover, such as nOb:

There's a few other controllers and software that do this as well.

I've suggested that Reason have something like this natively supported. Would be cool.

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Post 17 Feb 2023

I use the Microsoft Surface Dial for that mouse hover wheel action. It's actually really fun to use - and together with setting the precision, it helps dial in exact values when I need it to.

Edit: But yes, I do agree with OP / JL. Sometimes you just want to reach for one knob and tune it.

The current process of right click - remote override - turn knob - ok - yes I know this mapped previously - ok - ok. Is just too many steps.
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