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Post 20 Dec 2022

Is COMBINATOR 2.0 Back panel Cv input limited to only 4 control cv and 8 general cv input??

Shouldn't the back get a custom Cv input as many as the front panel gets a control knob, or has the same
configuration possibilities as the front part as well?? Is there any Reasons why it hasn't been sorted out already??

It seems obvious to me that if I add a control knob on the front, I would like to have a cv input on the back as well...

I saw a backpanel of a Vst3 combinator today but can't find the thread now?? not sure about it, but it had something like 30 or 40 cv inputs on the backpanel... there it started my guess to how was it possible, and if I had missed something in the combinator 2.0...
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Post 20 Dec 2022

Well the 4 Control CV inputs are assignable to any control at least. My guess is the people who want to assign CV to more controls are in the minority.

I don't think the back panel can be dynamic and change on the fly. That and Reason Studios is probably saving the space for other possible ideas? What if you cram 32 CV inputs on there, how many people would use them? And then what if they decide to increase the number of allowable controls, would there be complaints then that there isn't 64 CV inputs for controls?

I think it's possible we could see more CV inputs added for controls? But maybe they are just figuring how many that most users would actually use.

That said, I think it would be great if Combi controls could be targets in the editor. So then you could assign the Source CV to any Combi control, or assign a Combi control to another set of Combi controls to create a super macro. This would be great for X/Y pads and doing something similar to Retouch Control's Morpher. Maybe this could be presented in a per control editor view?

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Post 20 Dec 2022

Four targetable combi knobs really is my a pathetically small amount. Eight should have been the minimum.
I'd like to hear RS reasoning on this limitation... was it not technically possible? Maybe because of backwards compatibility?

Having the four new CV inputs does help but it's kinda limited in that you can't right click and target these directly from a synth.
And then you still have to manually assign a knob to these to get similar behaviour to a Combi knob

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