MIDI Clip Library

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Post 18 Oct 2022

Maybe other DAWs have already something like this, but i do not know.

I know there are instruments out there, where you can switch phrases, styles and so on.

From time to time i remember one of my first hardware synths, which had a sequencer build in and one of the cool features was to change/switch/randomize different tracks, just like: Want to have a different hihat line? Click! Does not like it? Click again! Want a different bass line? Click! And so on...

I was fun and very fast to get something done. You could quickly chose some basics, modify if needed and go on.

I always wanted to have something like this, some kind of MIDI Clip library, which i can use to easily switch clips (even randomly) in the SEQUENCER(!). Just like in my first hardware synth, choose something from MIDI CLip library Hihats to change a hihat or Basslines to change a baseline.

Combine this with the Groove Mixer and a Player (which can directly or easier) work together with the sequencer.

Guess something like a clip view, where you can easily enable/disable clips and record some automation into the sequencer would be the next step.

Maybe i should just choose another DAW at some point :-D, but someone can dream, right?
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Post 18 Oct 2022

For monophonic patterns the matrix and its randomize/alter pattern options can go quite a long way for a similar functionality.

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Post 18 Oct 2022

Not to keep banging on about it but there's tons of vst devices available that are excellent sources for exactly what you're looking for all be it not entirely in the form of a library or clip lane but the lack of vst midi support is definitely a disadvantage to Reason standalone.

Did you download the PM rhythm collection I uploaded?
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Post 18 Oct 2022

The L1nn Drum has a bunch of Midi Clips included.
Sequencer player is the nearest thing to the Dream Midi Clip player Ableton style there is at the moment.
Agreed on the fact would be a much needed player...

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