Combi 2-ish mixer section patch ...

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Post 13 Aug 2022

Since we've got the Combi2 designer, they could easily allow every project to be able to swap out mixer sections with their own mixer-combinator patch.

And this could be on a per-section basis. So you could swap out the EQ section with your own combinator and knobs.

We've always sort of had something like this, but this was for only one section and was limited to the 4 combinator knobs.

Allowing this for each section (where the same patch is used to define all channels so it won't be different for every track), it allows for far greater streamlined workflows.

For example, what if we could replace the pan section with Selig Pan, or something that added the Haas effect and some other controls to control the perception of directionality in a mix?

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Post 13 Aug 2022

I like this idea!

I had always hoped they would open it up to RE devs to design mixer channel devices, but perhaps a Combinator type approach could be an easier way to allow users and those devs to offer mixer patches using existing devices.

I wonder though how the editor and nested devices would be accessed. I feel like it would have to be a pop-out window. Or perhaps there could be corresponding Combinators in the rack?

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