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Post 30 Jul 2022

How convenient would it be if your tweaks and modifications of a patch could be viewed and loaded when viewing the original patch?

That way, you can still browse your patches using the same structures in your Refills, but instead of loading their reverb-laden patch, your tweaked/"fixed" patches can be loaded instead (and could even be set to be the default patch).

Bonus points for patch labels (so you could tag your variations with a searchable mood or theme) and the ability to filter results for any type of label.

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Post 31 Jul 2022

Interesting idea I am always turning off chorus and reverb kind of effects on patches I use. There is a can of worms to be opened up there but I will leave that.

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Post 31 Jul 2022

I often browse the Factory Sound Bank patches without their FX sections on - as I've already created a certain space for that sound to fill in e.g Europa. It's pretty useful
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