Allow for install locations others than main drive.

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.

Would you like to be able to customize Rs pre-post install folders location ?

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Hyperlink solve the issue if you know what you are doing ( it's a No)
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Customize means moving so Yes (it's a Yessy)
Only if they All in one place.
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Post 27 Jul 2022

Both MAC and windows, by default, creates some folders for
Reason files.
My Main SSD on my laptop is 110gb, same for my Workstations, whilst my MAC has 256gb.
On all three computers I have a dedicated external ( Nvme or SSD) for everything Reason and Music production related.

Can we have customizable folder where to install all data, which I would like not to be on my main HDD,
or would someone please provide a guide on how to create Ghost links,
so at least we could fool Reason to think the files are still there whilst in Reality we have them moved
in a more convenient location that will not run out of space???

And pool??

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