Allow to download older versions on my products.

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.

Would you like all of purchased Reason available on your account?

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Post 27 Jul 2022

It stems from the fact that my Laptop is too weak to support R12.
And After upgrading to R12 for my main workstation, and getting new rack extensions,
I wanted to install them on my laptop running R11 too.
But since I synced my laptop for all RE, I no longer have ANY RE available in R11...

So I was thinking perhaps I must change a folder name or something...
But if I were to screw up something I would have to reinstall R11 Suite...
and the download link ins't there also anymore on my Reasonstudio account...

I would like to tell on my account, which version of Reason I am downloading the Rack extensions for.
R11 Suite is the only authorized version to run w/out an Internet connection.
So maybe having the possibility to also download the older versions,
would solve the problem of the Authorizer now (idk really, just guessing) from
creating a R12 folder for all RE, which isn't read by R11??

What a mess...

To have older versions of Reason on your account, it could also fix the problem when syncronizing.
For example, if I am downloading for R11, I don't need Hi res textures, and so on...
I could tell which version of Reason I am Syncronizing for...
And even if the problem could be fixed, I would still find it convenient...

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Post 27 Jul 2022

While I have requested and would like to download or revert my REs to "standard resolution", what you are experiencing sounds like a licensing issue.

You should have access to your REs on all versions of Reason that support them, regardless of upgrading to R12 and upgrading REs to hi-res.

Have you tried using Sync All to update your RE license? Have you tried deleting the cache files from the Rack Extension folder and updating the RE license?

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Post 28 Jul 2022

I'd love to test what Reason 1.0 was like. : )

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Post 28 Jul 2022

Wow..., I must be pretty brick :)

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