Tutorial window replaced by Mixer section

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Post 22 Jul 2022

It makes a lot more sense to me, to have the Mixer section where is the tutorial windows now, than its current parallel on top position.
Even if it's deployable, it would save a lot of time just to have it on the right side, so it can scroll vertically.
It would even make more sense with the new Ultra wide Monitors.
Whilst for many big projects with lot of channels, horizontal view and panning is more convenient; for
the majority of small projects with low ch count; to view more of the Mixer section without haveing to displace windows, it seems to
be more convenient... :lightbulb: :idea: :thumbup:
Or, add snap automatically windows.

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Post 22 Jul 2022

I kind of do this already, where I detach the mixer, in a narrow window and have it docked to the side.

This gives me sight of the master bus and the current selected instrument for ease of adjusting mixer controls e.g Send

I only expand the mixer when I'm getting into the nitty gritty of bussing and mixing
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Post 22 Jul 2022

Yeah I've been requesting an option for relocating the mixer for a few years. To the right or the bottom would be better.


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