Add rooting to the Create menu

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Post 05 Jul 2022

To help improve accessibility in Reason, add rooting menus to the Create menu, allowing cabling without a mouse.
Menus can be accessed via the computer keyboard and work with screen reader software. Therefore, by simply adding the rooting as menu options like: Root Audio & Root CV, in the Create menu, while each listing the available sockets for the current selected device or even list all devices and then all available sockets as a sub-menu before a further sub-menu listing all devices it can root to with a sub-menu of sockets it can connect to.
The current accessibility for rooting in Reason requires the user to be able to see the back of the rack, either click and drag or right-click a socket before connecting it up. This meaning people who can not use a mouse or can not see the sockets in the rack are unable to use custom rooting. Just extending the Create menu to include rooting, using the existing right-click context menu structure gives people access to this valuable feature.

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Post 31 Jul 2022

That wasn't possible via the use of Combinators editors??
Not sure it is the same thing we are referring to.

Try to elaborate differently. Like... would it be like having combinators editor options under right clicking???
Menu options??? Can you help me on that?? To help me understand, I'm having a hard time figuring it out..

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Post 31 Jul 2022

The combinator is a different issue, as it is a rack device in its own right. What I was refering to is the general rooting of devices in the rack, for example, rooting redrums audio outs to seperate mix channels or redrums gate outs to kong pads etc.
To do this in reason, you have to flip the rack (tab key), then use a mouse to either click and drag from an out socket to an in socket or right click a socket and select a socket from the context menu.
If you can not see the sockets because of sight loss or are unable to use a mouse because of mobility problems, then you can not use custom rooting and are limited to auto-rooting.

I don't see why the root menu option couldn't also apply to combinators and devices within a combinator. As the right-click context menu already does this by listing both the combinator and all devices within it. However, making the combinator programmer accessible is another thing all together.

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