Save samples with patches

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Post 06 Jun 2022

This is really annoying and cuts the workflow and creativity!
I know the workaround but i feel i waste too much time in the end of the process.
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Post 17 Jun 2022

Though I haven´t been in the situation myself, sounds like a welcomed idea.

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Post 19 Jun 2022

I have had this happen a lot, Would love to see this fixed.

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Post 03 Feb 2023

Im still on Reason 11, does this still happen in 12?

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Post 03 Feb 2023

I can understand why it works this way - Reason is “song based”, and thus all samples are automatically saved when you save the song file, which simplifies the workflow IMO.
The “workaround” is simple no? Select the Song Self-Contain Settings dialog, select Check All and click OK. I personally don’t find this a flow killer, but I realize we all work differently.

My sampling workflow is to save the song as I go (as per normal), then when all samples are in place and most essential editing is done I’ll un-self-contain the samples and save the patch for the first time. From there I have to save both the patch and the song file with each change, but that’s minor. But I appreciate the fact that up until that point, the workflow is very simple since you don’t have to save the actual patch because everything is included when I save the song (which is by habit so I hardly even notice I’m doing it - even added a StreamDeck button for saving!).
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