CV-able effect sends for SSL mixer (or a sends module, like the EQ and comp devices)?

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Post 30 May 2022

One thing I’ve been interested in in recent years is the ability to use CV to dynamically control effect sends, rather than having to automate my sends. I had an interest in CV control over the SSL EQ as well, but the new built in standalone EQ suffices quite well, with its back panel CV inputs.

Anyway… it had occurred to me that maybe a built in device similar to the standalone SSL mixer modules could work to achieve this, with some sort of automatic/default routing to the main SSL sends (no patching required, unless you patch to override the module’s sends).

The harder method (I think) would be adding the SSL mix strip parameters to the Mix/Audio Channel programmer, so as to allow its CV inputs to be routed to destinations on the main SSL mixer.

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