Make rooting accessible

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Post 28 Apr 2022

As a blind Reason user, custom rooting is very difficult due to the graphical nature and mouse control. For people with no useful sight, rooting would be impossible and for those like me, it takes high magnification even after setting app-zoom high and then a slow scan of the back of the rack to find the device and socket to place the mouse pointer on before getting the context menu of where you can root to.
What I prepose is a top-menu item, to list all in/out sockets for the current device in focus and for each listed socket have a sub-menu that replicates the rooting-to context menu.
This giving full keyboard access to all rooting via one menu item making rooting accessible to all.
Most of the code is already there, it is only collating it into a textual menu and the menu action perform the existing rooting actions.

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