Combinator - it should be easier to map VST parameters

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Post 04 Apr 2022

In Combinator 2, it's easy to assign parameters to Reason devices and REs - just right click and map.
I wish there was a similar way to do this for VSTs.
The capability is kind of nearly there because the CV programmer has a learn function where you press 'learn' and click the button.
Something similar for mapping parameters to the combi would be a huge workflow enhancer.
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Post 04 Apr 2022

Good idea đź‘Ť
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Post 04 Apr 2022

2nd that
Though not starting to learn push 2 and VST after 4 years and that is ridiculous easy
But that’s what reason does best make things easy for things that you didn’t even realise should be easy - that’s a tagline …

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