Mix Channel Insert Effect Patches

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Post 15 Feb 2022

In the last Reason version, you could load combinator patches into Mix Channels to act as insert effects, effectively you could template effects for mix channels this way. This has been recently progressed in Reason 12 to allow multiple Combinators to be housed as inserts - excellent stuff. However, with this advance in possibilities, I quickly find myself wanting to add a suite of Combinators (and VSTs) as channel inserts. It would be great if it might be possible to create a new patch format that describes a collection of devices and their connections within a mix channel's insert section, so I could quickly add a whole set of collaborating devices, including combinators, instead of manually hooking up each one.

Hope this makes sense and folks agree, seems like a logical next step based on the improvements made this time around.

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Post 15 Feb 2022

Needed. In fact make the whole channel strip savable

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Post 17 Feb 2022

I think the best way would be to have options to save channel presets which can optionally include inserts even connected devices perhaps the option to save groups of channel strips. At present the only way I know of doing this, is by saving song templates with all channels setup but this doesn't allow for mix/match of different sets of channel strips, instead you have to save multiple templates to cover various setups.

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Post 15 Jun 2022

As a Reason 10 user, I was hoping to find a way of customizing my own channel strips; adding that option would be worth upgrading.

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