Combinator - Sync Source Range with Target Range

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Post 04 Jan 2022

The more I dive into the new world of the updated Combinator the more the update disappoints me with stupid limitations. Or maybe I'm just stupid cause I don't know how to set up what I want to.

This time I was looking for synchronization of the assignments.
For example: I have mapped Control 1 to Thors Filter 1 Frequency. When I'm changing the Control 1 knob I'm changing the Frequency in Thor. All good. But when I'm changing the Frequency in Thor itself the Control 1 knob does: NADA. :eh:
So when Control 1 is A and Filter 1 Frequency is B an A -> B is all fine but B -> A is disabled/not possible. WHY?

Ok, I can understand that it could get complicated when I have more than one Target assigned to Control 1. Let's say with A: Control 1 I want to effect B: Thors Filter 1 Frequency and also C: Filter 1 Resonance and furthermore I want C: Filter 1 Resonance to have a limited velocity from 0-90 while B. Filter 1 Frequency should have the full velocity from 0-127.
BUT when I'm changing the Filter 1 directly in Thor I want to have A, B and C routed and synchronized so that A: Control 1 is moving and C: Filter 1 Resonance is also moving, just like as if I'd move the A: Control 1 knob on the Combinator. Couldn't be such an issue for the Reason Developers cause all I want is that all routed knobs do the same no matter if I change the parameter on the Combinator or in the device itself. If it means that I cannot put the Filter 1 Resonance to 127 but only to 90 cause I edited it this way in the combinator than it's no restriction, it's a feature.

Now someone could argue why would you want to edit a device this way, when combinator is meant to remote devices and not the other way around. The answer is simple: If I'm having multiple devices loaded in the combinator, sometimes it's still easier and more overseeable to edit the knobs and faders and stuff directly in the device. When I'm changing lots of parameters in Thor (for example) that are not routed to combinator and by that I'm changing one that is routed, I want to be sure, that the knob on combinator is synced and is moving as well.

I could also understand that someone doesn't want this to be synced cause if you have lots of stuff targeted to just one source it could quickly get messy. For this it would be beautiful if I could turn synchronization on and off.

In my imagination the perfect Combinator has the following features in the Edit section:
Control 1____________Filter 1 Frequency___On________________0__________________127
Control 2____________Delay Time__________Off_______________1/16_______________6/8T

The second example is just a note to a previous post where I shared my disappointment about the limited velocity assignments. We have 0-127. Cool. We miss everything else like Delay-Timing, Frequency (Hz), ms, db, etc. Not cool.

Hope this all is featured in the next update of the combinator cause when I first heard about Combinator getting an update I thought that those features must be in self-evidently cause they are so obvious. I mean the Combinator 2.0 is great but once we dive in to this update it seems they fixed stuff only superficial.
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Post 04 Jan 2022

Thats something I’ve never needed, but sure why not.
But I have a long list of other features that seem more necessary at least to my work - and this is the dilemma RS faces, which is how to prioritize feature requests because the ‘obvious’ feature for me is the one you’ll never need and vice versa… :)
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Post 04 Jan 2022

I can understand and follow your arguments, but it does not make much sense imo to limit a device inside a Combinator just because it is limited through a control. And remember, every extra feature or handling makes it more complicated for beginners and/or unlogic to others.

I always hated it when i assign control, that i have a hard time to adjust the range and the poisitions. Always takes longer than needed.

Phase Plant's modulation and macro assignment is a blessing compared to Reasons, and there is quite good visual feedback which is modulated in Phase Pant. Love it.
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