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Post 09 Dec 2021

I prepose the following basic new features that keep with the backwards compatibility support of Reason and help move things forward.
1. Extend Remote document scope to include the browser, sequencer toolbar, keyboard/mouse controls for a more fully featured MIDI control. This not only gives users a better hands-on instrument feel to using Reason but greatly improves accessibility by removing the need to be able to use a mouse. Third party development like my own webmidi speech project can utilise Remote to create an accessible UI to the Reason DAW.
2. Add a preference option to automatically create sequencer tracks for all rack devices, including devices within combinators. This will skip the need for having to manually create sequencer tracks for rack devices before getting any MIDI Remote control.
3. Add a preference option to hide all empty tracks, those without note/pattern/automation lanes from view in the sequencer, greatly reducing visible clutter from the above prefs option, only showing the empty track if it has MIDI focus.
4. Add a foldable group track, that can contain one or more regular sequencer tracks. With group mute/solo controls and when folded, MIDI focus of the contained tracks is skipped over with Remote controls to open/close the group track. This not only giving a way to better organise tracks but also manage selection of MIDI focus of tracks. An example may be a group track to directly follow a combinator track and inside it tracks for each device inside the combinator. This meaning from a MIDI Remote point of view, you select the group track, open/unfold it, then have Remote access to each device within the combinator or skip over the folded group track to the next track.
5. Add cue and loop markers with buttons and remote controls to give fast selection of saved cue points and loops for quick navigation of song position and multiple loops. This can greatly speed up production by being able to do things like have different saved loops that can be selected, jumped to for fast recording of song sections without first drawing and sizing clips, with cue points tht can be used to quickly start playback from before an active loop for fast preview of transitions into sections etc.

All of the above features have zero negative impact, as there's nothing to affect backwards compatibility and there is no change to users who don't wish to use the new features. Perhaps a few small new graphical objects but nothing distructive but these features can make workflows much better, visibility in sequencer view more managible and Remote MIDI control more complete with the ability to browse for devices, samples, loops, load them with effects, tweak settings, record MIDI, Automation, edit and review values, all from MIDI controllers without the need to use the mouse, perhaps even without the need to see the screen.

One last quick feature, add the option to export the document Remote Info text file. This will be of real benefit after the document scope is extended to include more items, as to allow people to create updated remote maps.

You will notice I make no reference to other DAWs, as I don't see the point in copying features from other DAWs. Instead I look at ways to improve Reason staying within the constraints of its existing model, keeping its 20+ year compatibility support. The way I see it, if you prefer another DAWs features, then use that DAW and Reason as a plugin.

Last thing is regarding Reason+, I think the yearly subscription should be added to the rewards page together with Reason upgrades. This allowing users who are investing in Reason Studios by monthly subscriptions and purchasing rack extensions and refills from the shop, to be rewarded by greatly reduced costs of Reason. Likewise, purchasing monthly/yearly subscriptions should give reward points, that can then be used to get reduced purchase costs of items in the rewards store.

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Post 09 Dec 2021

Some cool suggestions presented in a very constructive manner. Good stuff!

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Post 09 Dec 2021


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