Something that might help me renew my Reason+...

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.
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Please make it so that I can just log into Reason and not also then have to log into the companion... just integrate it already. I eventually want any content I get, the only thing the companion does, in my already functional and existing Reason Browser. Plus is just too expensive and we are lacking a lot of quality of life here for it to be worth $200 a year.

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That's true.

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After you reach a point of saturation, which is inevitable, you will find that having a shop built into your working tool is a major and unwanted distraction. Mixing shopping and work is not a good idea. Please don't advocate for this, because RS will gladly do it. Give it some time. Also, definitely don't pay 200... They've offered an annual for $100 at least twice now. Maybe paying monthly until the next sale will save you some money. Christmas sale is not too far off.

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