Remove the Arrows From Notes and Clips

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Post 28 Sep 2021

Hi All!

I wish they'd remove those arrows from notes and clips in Reason and have them only appear when your mouse cursor is a specified / certain distance from the end of the note or clip as someone on here suggested about 18 months or so ago when we were discussing this very issue. They get in the way in the midi editor if notes are short.

I also kind of think they look a bit dated now, I was wondering, do people here think they should ditch them entirely for a whole different approach, a more modern look?

This is how they look using the Logic theme in Reaper. Top one lengthen / shorten, bottom one is the fade in. Seems to be the further up the clip edge you go (first say 60% from the bottom is shorten / lengthen and the top 40% (possibly less actually) the icon changes to a fade one.

Reaper Item Lengthen.JPG

'Cause I don't use Reason that often as standalone anymore, can't find how to fade in an audio clip on it now lol!
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