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Post 10 Sep 2021

Reason Remote is left behind, forgotten and under utilised. The Remote SDK is a great way to interface reason to other software/hardware via the midi protocol. Extending the remote item list to include things like the Reason browser and sequencer tools can open the DAW to accessibility through third party products. Like Native Instruments did with their NKS project, it would introduce a whole new market of Reason users. I am currently working on such a project using a web browser as a speaking interface, to give speech feedback of midi control over reason devices. If we had remote items for the Reason Browser and sequencer tools, it would help make Reason accessible giving alternative options over DAWs like Reaper or ProTools.

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Post 10 Sep 2021

I second this.

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Scope	Propellerheads	Reason Document
//	Control Surface Item	Key	Remotable Item	Scale	Mode
Map	Stop		Stop
Map	Play		Play
Map	Rewind		Rewind
Map	Fast Forward		Fast Forward
Map	Record		Record
Map	Button 23		Target Previous Track
Map	Button 24		Target Next Track
Map	Button 15		Select Prev Patch for Target Device
Map	Button 16		Select Next Patch for Target Device

Scope	Propellerheads	ReGroove Mixer
Define Group	Keyboard Shortcut Variations	Group 1	Group 2
//	Control Surface Item	Key	Remotable Item	Scale	Mode

Map	Pot 1 A		A1 Groove Amount			Group 1
Map	Pot 2 A		A2 Groove Amount			Group 1
Map	Pot 3 A		A3 Groove Amount			Group 1
Map	Pot 4 A		A4 Groove Amount			Group 1
Map	Pot 5 A		A5 Groove Amount			Group 1
Map	Pot 6 A		A6 Groove Amount			Group 1
There are a bunch of items for the sequencer available, also the regroove mixer, master section etc.
Not too sure about the browser, but that'd be weird imo, to browse a folder via my MIDI device.. :?

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Post 10 Dec 2021

Other DAWs already do it, VST's already do it, Reason partially does it via patch selection but is limited to the current folder of the currently loaded patch. Take a look at Push with Ableton, Machine and NI Keyboards and NKS.
From an accessibility point of view, Remote can remove the need to use a mouse, can provide speech feedback in place of graphical output, provide opportunities for specialist hardware allowing physical interaction to Reason via Rmote. Extending Remote to offer a more complete set of controls can only help, it has no negative outcome, as those who don't use it are not affected.
Items like record enable track, zoom level, time signature, track colour, are all missing, no browser items are included and items like edit clip,all the sequencer toolbar items, track groove selection, blockview and so many more are also missing.
With systems like Push, Machine, it is possible to load instruments, record parts, apply FX, edit and more all from the control surface and just by extending Reason existing Remote item list, it would be possible in Reason too but without any reliance on specific hardware.

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