The Further Combinator Suggestions

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.
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Post 10 Jun 2022

DJMaytag wrote:
10 Jun 2022
Billy+ wrote:
10 Jun 2022
Does anyone know if the combinator is actually going to be updated with new features?
I think it is safe say that there will be more button/switch icons at some point. Beyond that, only people from RS can say.
More graphics isn't anything close to being a feature - I'm thinking about programming interface functions, for example stepped values, internal lfos etc ;)
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Post 12 Jun 2022

joeyluck wrote:
06 Jun 2022
Top of my list (in no particular order)
  • stepped controls
  • radio buttons
  • horizontal faders
  • flip switch toggles
  • x/y pads
  • sub preset mgmt for same combi patch
  • per control programmer view
  • add Combinator controls as targets
1.I would also find Combinator controls as targets to be very useful.
2. As others have said, an insertable text field would be great.
3. Ability to right click on a VST control and assign to combi button (just like you can do with RE).

4. Some way of visually grouping controls.
I'm talking about some extremely basic functions here - nothing fancy. For example, the ability to draw an outline around a group of controls, or the ability to highlight a background area and then change its colour. I sure don't want to have to leave Reason in order to make a custom backdrop - this sounds quite a lot like not getting on with writing any actual music.
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Post 04 Jul 2022

sub preset mgmt for same combi patch

seems like an odd omission not just being able to save state. Looks like even if you just make tweaks to the front panel, you have to save it as a new combinator? which means just to change the sound you've got to load up the whole set of devices again? that said any preset/state management system would need to reflect all changes to all of the sub-devices not just the front panel ideally.

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