The Further Combinator Suggestions

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.
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Post 21 Nov 2021

Something I'd find helpful is a soft pickup feature for Combinator controls.
If enabled, it would prevent a source control from affecting a target until the source and target settings match.

So for example, if a Combi knob is turned all the way left but targets a parameter that's currently at 50%, the Combi knob won't affect the parameter until it's turned half way (at which point it's aligned with the target parameter).

Controls with multiple targets make it a little more complicated, but I think the same essential logic could be applied to each target separately.

Would be even better if the "pickup points" were visualized with markers placed around the control.

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Post 21 Nov 2021

Heigen5 wrote:
01 Sep 2021
As a beta-tester of the new combi, we had lots of people suggesting lots of stuff for the further combi. So lets have the suggestions coming!
More flexibility with the Combi2 switches. It would be useful if activating one switch could deactivate another/others. Switches could be used as selectors this way (think Soundtoys MicroShift buttons). In short, a way for combi controls to dictate to other combi controls.

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Post 21 Nov 2021

Only 'design error/flaw' I have found really is when you've added multiple routings in the editor, and the list is "full".
Upon adding a new item, the list should scroll down, to an empty line.

Adding all level controls for the BV512 was a pain in the @$$..
- add 1 control
- assign said control
- click down arrow, just so we can see the the first empty line..
- rinse and repeat 300 times. ;/

What I can think of is as said before, it should:
A) scroll/slide down to a blank line.
B) enable mousewheeling in the list (this would be a very good alternative, not sure how feasable it is.)
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Post 21 Nov 2021

There's one element I think we're missing. The new combi is remarkably flexible for the minimal learning curve it requires. We all watched Ryan's excellent Combi2 intro video, and then we jumped in and figured it out in no time. I think that this user-friendliness is itself a great feature that shouldn't be sacrificed. That means filtering down the list of preferred features to those that can be implemented intuitively, and/or allowing a means for 'advanced' users to dig deeper without overwhelming someone whose goal is just to make music.

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