Important Combinator feature Suggestion, Dumpable and Restorable smart Combinators

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Post 30 Aug 2021

Hi all,

I had an idea for a long time on how the combinators can be used to manage CPU usage. But when Reason Studios announced that they were going to over hall the combinators for the release of Reason 12. I have been tying to get this idea to them for months. Since I have not gotten any response from them, I when made a video about it trying to express the problem, the reason and how it might work. See YouTube link below.

First and foremost if any of you agree or have ideas you would like to add to mine, then please do. And if any of you know how to reach the developers in Reason Studios, then please make them aware of this video. And if any of you want to share this video on any other forums of social media you are welcome to do so.

Thank you all.

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Post 30 Aug 2021

The video is very long, but by skipping to the end I think I understood what you need.

1. Just a track freeze. Real track freeze disables the CPU hit from the devices, and allows them to be un-froze at any time for adjustments. No need to make it more complicated.
2. An undo history like photoshop. This would be a great feature.
3. That's it.

There is no way to make a system that can deal with every possible non-standard wiring or CV setup, beyond offering a track freeze that works at an "everything in this group" level, and a proper undo history, which would certainly make things better, as would Reason project files that save "versions" that can be reverted. Everything else is up to the user and their project management, saving combinator presets with clear version names, in well-organized folders, is a good habit for everyone.

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