New Combinator Feature Request

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.
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Post 01 Aug 2021

I'm sure we are wondering what is coming and how it will be implemented.

I just want to say that I hope we get options for how the toggles, sliders etc. interact with the parameters on the devices.

I would love to see buttons that could switch between patterns on devices. Currently we have to use a rotary for pattern select. Or if we have multiple buttons, then they stay engaged.

With some intuitive under the hood stuff, I imagine that we could build actual Clip Launcher using Players and the New Combinator.

Other things like attenuating the parameter value, but not the parameter itself would be cool. Knobs that would turn/switch in a stepped manner would also be really useful

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Post 02 Aug 2021

deeplink wrote:
01 Aug 2021
Knobs that would turn/switch in a stepped manner would also be really useful
This x 1000.

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Post 02 Aug 2021

Uh...yes...we need another Feature Request thread for the Combinator....

Why dont you just wait and see what will be released in R12?

I want nearly all features requested over the years here. Maybe there are some technical difficuloties, which made it hard to implement in the past. Not sure, if those limitations will be adressed too with the Combinator v2. We will see. And yes, its sure, w will also whine regardless what the Combinator2 will have, since we want the all-and-more-and-everything thing. (2).gif
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Post 02 Aug 2021


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