Request - Vst in RRP please

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Post 11 Jul 2021

I use reason rack plugin with Ableton Live.
It's such a pain when I want to use reason players with other vsts, I have to create two tracks one with reason players. Route midi to another track which contains the vst Synth.
If loading vsts was allowed in reason rack plugin, it would make life so much simpler.
It's not as if you have to build something new from scratch. Reason can already host vsts.
Please just allow us to host vsts inside RRP. Please.
What's the harm, if people try doing stupid stuff like hosting RRP inside RRP and stuff like that, that's their problem.
Majority of users will really benefit from this.

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Post 11 Jul 2021


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Post 11 Jul 2021

I'd like it too but I suspect it will never happen.

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Post 11 Jul 2021

I am not quite familiar with the variety of vst hosts. Does anybody know of any nested vst hosts, i.e. vst plugins capable of hosting other vsts?
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Post 11 Jul 2021

Basically all the plugins that people use to work around the VST3 non-support in reason can also host VST2. So there is no fundamental restriction which would block this from being implemented in the Rack plugin.
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