VST 3 Host & NKS Support for Reason Rack in external DAW

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James Bermingham
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Post 15 Feb 2021

1 VST 3 Host

This is badly needed. It’s the main reason I jumped onto the Ableton Live Ship some years back to be able to host my Roland Cloud Zenology Pro plug in. Just as it took so long to integrate General VST compatibility, I’ve a feeling it may be over looked again in the V12 release later this year. Would love to be proven wrong.

2 NKS Support for Reason Rack in external DAW

This would be a personal game changer for me and for a lot of Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol/Maschine users, which there may be a lot of who use Reason.

I would settle for a Browse and map options initially , as I know it would be a Major job for the Audio Preview, option as well.
Having all the Reason Rack Instruments’ knobs and sliders to the Kontrol keyboards / Maschine would be an insta-purchase for me .

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Post 14 Sep 2023

Gotta agree with the need for NKS support. It would be an instant seller for me.

Let's add the ability to tag and organise presets/patches properly too rather than just having to look through folders.

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