Expose rack devices as VST

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Post 12 Feb 2021

The Reason 11 Rack Plug in Works really well in Reaper.
It's a bit clunky from a workflow perspective in that you need to add a RRP (deciding on whether it's an RRP instrument or RRP FX), and then second step to add the devices into the rack.

To use an RV7000, that means (1) Selecting an RRP FX device, then (2) waiting for it to load, then (3) Opening it and dropping in an RV7000. Easy, but when you're in creative mode building up a track, that clunkyness is a hindrance, when it's fast to just drop in a lightweight VST with one click.

In Reaper, there are (a limited number of) track presets, which is a great workaround - I have an RV7000 preset for example which gives me the one click approach. (and once you've got one RRP in a song, future ones load much faster). Also have a preset for a Kong drum machine, and a preset for a High Pass filter (so I can high pass every track).

Really what I want is my favourite device, that happens to be in an RRP "container"

Wouldn't it be great , if Reason could publish/expose rack devices into the list of VST instruments. So choosing an RV7000 is as easy as a TAL Reverb etc, and in the VST list of your favourite DAW you could see Kong, VK2, Expanse, Parsec, ID8, .....
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Post 13 Feb 2021

I also run reaper, and I just want to assign listening channels to the instruments so I can route midi to multiple devices in one rack. That way I could use all of the audio i/o like I did with rewire...

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Post 20 Feb 2021

As an Ableton Live user +1 for this idea. Having everything identified as "Reason Rack Plugin" is not helpful.

To get round this naming issue it needs to be put in an Ableton Instrument or Effect rack each time.

Interestingly MPC beats when scanning vst folder lists Reason devices individually though I've had no luck getting Reason Rack to work in that DAW.
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