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Post 04 Feb 2021

selig wrote:
04 Feb 2021
orthodox wrote:
04 Feb 2021

There is a problem, Direct Outs depend on the channel fader/pan and that would make mixing a complex task. The send point is a much better place to branch out from, there is a Pre switch there.
I don't get it - ALL sends already depend on the channel fader/pan (except pre-fader sends, which only copy the pan, not the fader) - how is it any more complex? AFACT It's the same exact thing, or am I missing something?
[EDIT - 99% of the time I don't want pre fader sends - but there are 8 of them if you need 'em.]
I use PRE more often, to independently balance several sources of a send fx. But OK, since that Direct Out mod is easier to implement, so be it. I just wanted to facilitate placing send effects into buses, too.
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Post 08 Feb 2021

I have a related issue to this. Selig and I have discussed it before. I'd like to be able to route the outputs from the send FX to somewhere else, such as having a send for drum reverb, and then having the ability to include that in the Drum bus.

It can kind of be done but it feels like you are breaking the intended signal path and if I remember there were issues with it so I didn't carry on doing it even though I wish I could.
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