Utilising mapping of a master midi controller

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Post 10 Jan 2021

Hi folks, wondering if someone can help.

When using a keyboard midi controller (in my case an mpk249) I am unable to utilise the existing mapping controls on the "current device" I am playing unless I lock the device to it.

As I go between devices, let's say a subtractor, thor and Kong for example sake, the keys will play the device currently selected. Great, however the mapping of faders and knobs do not work unless I lock the controller to the desired device.

Is there a way to set up a "master" midi controller so that full mapping abilities are active on each reason device when you switch between them during a project? (Without having to lock every time)

Tha is for reading this exceedingly drawn out question and thanks in advance for solutions :thumbs_up

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Post 10 Jan 2021

Is the Also correctly set up in Reasons settings?
e.g by selecting Akai and MPK249 from the drop down menus as well selecting "use this device as master controller"

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Post 10 Jan 2021

Also check the "Surface locking" under "Option"
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