"Skeleton" UI for VSTs with no GUI

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Post 04 Jan 2021

I've recently been introduced to some great plugins from a dev by the name of airwindows. Now, while the sound out of them is phenomenal, the developer doesn't do any graphic work for them. They are very "to the point" plugs with no bells and whistles (which I'm quite into, tbh!). I've noticed that while Reason has no problem loading them, it doesn't have any facility for displaying the controls for plugins with no GUI. So, I'm stuck using the sequencer as a rather clunky alternative to set static values. Like so:
2021-01-04 14_29_26-Window.png
It's arguably a small thing, but it would be nice to have a basic "skeleton" UI for cases like this. I figure a big concern from RS's standpoint would be that it'd clash with Reason's (gorgeous) skeuomorphic look. Speaking personally though, I'm interested in using these VSTs because they sound great, so it wouldn't have to look pretty. :3

For simplicity's sake, I've attached a screenshot from Reaper to show what I'm talking about:
2021-01-04 14_22_32-Window.png
Anyway, just thought I'd throw it on the pile. Cheers!
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