Treat the SSL mixer as a single device in the sequencer

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Post 29 Dec 2020

As someone who likes to use an external fader controller to mix with, it is extremely frustrating that Reason does not make it easy to record multiple fader movements at once. Currently, you have to right-click on every fader and select "Edit Automation", and then toggle the "Record Enable Parameter Automation" icon in each sequencer lane. While this technically works, it's extremely tedious and time consuming for large projects (ever tried automating a 64 channel or larger mix? It's not fun). It also creates a lot of mess in the sequencer itself, adding individual sequencer lanes for each automation.

It gets even more complex if you want to automate other parameters such as EQ, Aux sends, Pan, etc.

In contrast, the sequencer automatically creates an automation lane whilst recording any movement on a rack device, that can be easily collapsed into the lane for tidiness.

So why can't this happen for the SSL?

I propose the SSL be given its own sequencer channel, and all automation lanes can be added within it so that Reason can automatically create new lanes in realtime as and when you record new fader movements. If you need to have a specific automation visible elsewhere in the sequencer, you should be able to create a mirror track. That is, a 1:1 fully editable clone of the original automation lane.

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