make Env section of europa into an LFO device

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Post 20 Dec 2020

so since this popped up in the other thread, im making this a feature request.

please make the envelope section of europa into a dedicated lfo/envelope device. without mod matrix, and dedicated cv outs.

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Post 08 Jan 2021

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Little LFO is cool, but it is a very different device from the Europa MSEG.

The closest thing in the shop to what OP wants is probably "Shape" by our panda friend; ... fo-editor/

I agree with OP that the Europa MSEG is too nice to be left confined to such a boring synth, but you CAN send the output from all 4 of the MSEG's to any combination of the 4 CV outs, so the good news is, you already have the device you want! You just have to accept that it's a bit big and ugly.

It would take about half an hour to make a device which was just the envelope and cv section from Europa, and that would feel like a more natural and comfortable choice for users than loading up the full synth and wasting all that space in the rack. Maybe RS can do it. It's an extra feature for no extra development cost!

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