Reduce reliance on keyboard shortcuts

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Post 07 Dec 2020

While I'm in full support of adding more keyboard shortcuts, and ideally making them user definable, personally I would also like the option of using them them less.

It's pretty frequent that I'm playing the MIDI keyboard with one hand, and using a mouse with the other. Or sometimes I'm balancing a guitar. Or a cat.
To do certain things I have to stop using either the mouse or the MIDI keyboard to reach over to press some keyboard shortcut, typically one of the F keys. And sometimes my keyboard isn't easily within reach, if I'm over at a mic stand, or adjusting a guitar amp.
It's even worse when you have to use a modifier key, then you have to stop using both those hands, and sometimes twist your body in some awkward way. And you have to do it very often.

So I'd suggest that for the most frequently used actions, like switching modes, or editing a track, it's worthwhile to have an option to click an on-screen function as well. Admittedly it's a bit of a challenge to add a bunch of buttons without cluttering up the GUI.
Having visible buttons should also be useful for new users, since keyboard shortcuts might give them the sense that some secret invisible magic has to be learned in order to use the software.

Also, keep in mind some users that may not have full use of both hands due to some physical handicap.

None of this is probably an issue to those who make music primarily by drawing and clicking, but for us "musicians", the computer keyboard is only third in line of importance, behind the musical instrument, and the mouse.

And while you're at it, can we please stop depending on F keys??? Having to reconfigure your computer for the top row of keys to with with Reason (and only Reason) is a bit intrusive.

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Post 07 Dec 2020

AnotherMathias wrote:
07 Dec 2020
Or a cat.

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Yeah, mostly it's an issue of juggling cats.

Here's another thing I'd prefer to be able to do with a mouse only: Reset a knob to the zero value. I can NEVER remember if I'm supposed to hold option or command when clicking a knob, so half the time I end up accidentally starting an automation lane instead.
I'd much rather just double click the knob. A lot of VSTs do it that way.

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Post 08 Dec 2020

Or the option to disable keyboard use entirely.

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