So what are your thoughts on Grouping / Stacking

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Post 22 Nov 2020

One of the most common features among other DAWs is the ability to Group/Fold/Stack midi channels and mix channels.

I think the above would be a welcomed feature in Reason.

Some of ideas of its implementation are as follows;
Groups/Stacks are uniquly represented and are collapsable
Groups/Stack are represent uniformly across Sequencer, Mixer and the Rack.
Groups/Stacks can house all rack devices, incl. instruments, effects, combinators, mix channells and bus channels
Groups/Stacks are able to be saved (patchable) - you could essentially recall a 'rack with in the rack', including channel settings

Such a 'utility device' could also serve 'super combinator' - with more rotaries, buttons, multiple inputs to accomodate the mix/bus channels.

Ultimately it could serve as instrument on its own, an effect device, a utility simply just to organise your Mixer, Rack and Sequencer as well as a way to recall multiple instruments/channel settings at once.
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Post 23 Nov 2020

Being able to put tracks into groups or folders would be great, and has been much-requested around here. Extending it to the rack is also an interesting idea and might be helpful for keeping things organized there. Being able to save and recall groups of tracks at once has also been a feature I've been requesting, so I'm definitely seconding that one as well!

I think that groups would ideally be accompanied by a way to search for tracks by name, so that you don't need to check every closed folder to find what you're looking for. (Heck, I've been wanting a way to do this lately even without track folders...)

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Post 23 Nov 2020

For me it would be enough if folders / groups only worked in Sequencer, because that one can easily get out of hand with all the separate tracks being created for channels, instruments and automated FX. They may leave the Rack ad Mixer as they are.
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Post 03 Jan 2022

Some simple Grouping functions in the sequencer and the rack are still one of the key features I miss in Reason that every other DAW already has for decades...

It's really awkward when you think about it. Reason is one among the best DAWs out there but has no grouping in the sequencer. :shock:

Also some little grouping really could improve the rack. I often copy and paste instruments just to give it a little different eq setting when it plays a different melody or I add an effect like the 4th-reverse. Often new tracks are just add ons to an already existing track but they're always showed equally in the sequencer. Same thing for the rack...
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