Quad Note Generator needs a Repetitive - Random toggle switch

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Post 25 Oct 2020

I just started using this and it's a pretty nifty tool once you get past the learning curve.

My main gripe is the constant random melodies that keep changing which can cause you to miss a pattern you like if you're not fast enough to freeze notes.

Instead of the constant randomization, how about a setting to have Quad automatically repeat the same pattern? Maybe a toggle switch between "Repetitive and Random" generator mode? And if you choose Repetitive and want to hear a new pattern you can click a "Next Pattern" button for whatever lane you're working in.

I would like to hear the same pattern a few times to see what I like instead of constantly freezing patterns every 4 bars or so which can slow down your creative work flow when you just want to get as many ideas out as possible.

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