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Post 17 Oct 2020

Hey Reason I am feeling lazy tonight, at this very moment using The SSL Mixer Spectrum EQ and was like it would be nice to create automation right from within the EQ GUI. I know some people are going to say go use the knobs and automate from there but like I said I am feeling lazy.

This isn't a urgent request just something I was thinking about. I feel like like I should be able to click on everything and right click.

Also speaking of EQ are you planning on enhancing the SSL mixer.

One last thing I have set aside money for the annual Reason upgrade any hints as to when the next update is going to come out.
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Post 17 Oct 2020

You can already do what you want, you just need one extra step. You have a two options: you can go to the Rack, and "Create Track" for the mix channel, or you can go to the mixer and "Edit Automation" for anything in the mixer channel (doesn't have to be the EQ). Then go to the EQ window and (making sure the EQ is "on") grab a dot and drag it around. You should immediately see two lanes appear for Gain and Frequency appear in the sequencer, and your movements will be recorded.
If you're already doing fader automation, you can just skip the first step and select the track and hit record.

But just like with fader automation, you can't initiate the automation process from the mixer or EQ window, which IMO is a feature I'd like to see (like a real SSL).
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