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Post 03 Oct 2020

I still can't believe there is no way to configure hotkeys. Reason has simultaneously chosen hotkeys which are completely different from other popular apps and denied us a way to change them. It makes going back and forth difficult and always makes Reason feel like a foreign experience. Reaper and even the Adobe suite provide ways to change hotkeys and even export/import those configs so you can keep multiple machines synced.

There is no excuse why this cannot be done. It should not be a huge effort from a development perspective. And. the defaults would remain as they are today, so everyone who likes them now would still be happy, but for people who want to change them, the user experience would be much improved!

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Post 03 Oct 2020

I agree. I believe StudioOne allows this as well. Reason Studios are behind when it comes to DAW features.

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Post 11 Oct 2020

Yeah +1 for this. "Macros" I think they're called. I would love to be able to choose just Q for quantize instead of the strange ctrl k. Presumably that shortcut was chosen because quantize in Swedish is spelt with a K apparently.

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