automatic nodes in new automation clips

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Post 20 Sep 2020

one super simple thing they could do that would be really handy... when you add an automation clip, it would be really cool if it automatically added automation nodes at the very start and very end of the clip, and they would default to the baseline value for that control (meaning whatever value you have it set at). that way, you can just start adding the nodes you want in between, and it will automatically move back to the default position you've got it set at at the start and end (unless you delete the nodes, of course).

for example, unity gain on a fader is 734, so if your fader is at unity, and you add an automation clip, it would have two nodes at 734--one at the beginning, and one at the end. or if you had your fader down by a few db, when you create the clip, the nodes might be set at 650, etc.

I like how easy it is to work with automation in Reason, but having to manually add nodes in an automation clip seems like an unnecessary step.

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Post 11 Oct 2020

+1 for this.

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