Chord memory ?

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Post 19 Sep 2020

I started on a poly step sequencer player (before two were released and I moved on to other projects), and it did chord memory as a side function. Last year I got a new keyboard, Novation SL mkIII, and much to my surprise it does the same exact thing! So I'd still like to work this way one day…this is how it works in both cases:
For each step in a sequence you record a chord. Any step can be played on it's own by a pad on the Novation (and an assigned note on my player), which functions as an "audition" function but also as a very handy chord player. The key with this approach is that you simply play a chord and it's "recorded" and can be immediately triggered. It can also quickly be edited from the keyboard, which makes it easy to see the recorded chord and easy to change any/all notes to modify the chord. The "immediacy" of this approach is what's missing with the current options and solutions being suggested here, unless I've missed something in the shop?
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Post 19 Sep 2020

Creativemind wrote:
18 Sep 2020
Billy wrote:
18 Sep 2020
This one would be a major 9th

Was just about to do this with Chord Detector. :lol:

Chord Detector said C Unison, hmmm?
C unison means nothing but C is being played. Not seen any pictures but from this I can tell that's not a very good chord detector 😂

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