A Clean sequencer = More Functional Mix Bus (Video explanation)

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Post 24 Jun 2020

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Post 24 Jun 2020

This happens in all cases - each device get's its own track in the sequencer.

I've long advocated for a more simple interface for Reason, which I call a Meta Channel/Track, where each "instrument" (which can include any number of devices) gets ONE track, with multiple lanes for all automation, MIDI/notes/controllers, AND audio, one Channel in the mixer (to start), and one device in the Rack (like a Combinator but better).

If it's a drum track or any instrument with multiple output options, you can expand to provide multiple individual channels in the mixer (kick, snare, etc) IF you want, and in that case the original channel because the new bus master so from an audio perspective nothing changes.

This is one of the things that would greatly simplify working in Reason: One place in the Mixer, Rack, and Sequencer where you find everything associated with each instrument or FX. In a related note, all automation etc should be able to be viewed imposed above the audio/notes for that track if desired.

Not sure about your matrix suggestion - automating should not require a matrix entry if all you're doing is writing automation in the sequencer. In other words, I agree about the problem but not about the solution. Same for the auto connect on the back of the Combinator - but I've long asked for more audio I/O on the back of the Combinator (with labels) so you COULD do what you suggest if you want.

What may ultimately be needed is a new "container" type which combines a Combinator type device for the rack (leaving the original Combinator as is), and "track/channel folders for the sequencer/mixer. That way, again, there is a single point of focus for each instrument, which is expandable to contain all data related to the instrument.
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