Reason Rack Plugin Save Preset

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Post 17 Jun 2020

Not sure if this is already a feature, but would be cool if we can save a complete Reason Rack Plugin "session" as a preset. Just to load things quicker. :geek:

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Post 14 Jul 2020

that would be handy.

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Post 14 Jul 2020

I'm not a RRP user but doesn't the RRP include the combinator device? If it does then use that!
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Post 14 Jul 2020

I can save "presets" of the RRP in live.

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Post 14 Jul 2020

PhillipOrdonez wrote:
14 Jul 2020
I can save "presets" of the RRP in live.
Yes—good point. Just like Reason standalone can save and load VST device patches, other DAWs have similar features for saving plugins or channels. But it could still be handy to have something that can be saved and loaded (and shared) in any DAW from the RRP.

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