Reason 12 Wishlist

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to Reason Studios, but you can still discuss them here.
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Post 29 Apr 2021

ltbrunt00 wrote:
13 Feb 2021
I would assume that if we are going to be getting R12 by summer all features would be finalized.

keeping my fingers crossed for audio to video sequencing.

Also I wonder if the Props are doing something with A.I. Seems A.I is going to make it's way to our tools if we like it or not.
Hate to break it to you but I wouldn't expect A.I in Reason till about Reason 15 lol!

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Post 30 Apr 2021

plaingraywall wrote:
19 Apr 2021
Sometimes I wish that when they upgraded the Reason interface they'd have allowed us to keep using the old one behind a 'Legacy UI' checkbox. Reason certainly looks nicer since v8 but sometimes I find it's not quite as usable as the old interface, however clunky the slick new UI makes the old versions appear...
"Legacy UI" I'd subscribe. But the current look is not bad, the transport bar invites me to click on it, for example. It’s just small things that bother me.

Found an older topic btw:
They don't have to be black, just more uniform and subtle.

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