Piano keys highlight on Piano roll Edit Mode

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Post 10 Feb 2019

Hi :reason: dev gang,

I am a former user of FL Studio and in there when we are in piano roll edit mode, we could see the piano keys being highlighted when playing notes on the keyboard or piano keyboard.

It would be nice to have a key highlight in sequencer edit mode on the piano roll when we press the keys on the keyboard. Pads are highlighted on press in Kong Drum, having the same on the piano roll is a big plus.

Example on screenshot below:


Some user's positive feedback on the subject:
Yonatan wrote:
02 Feb 2019
Agree, this is a feature I have needed so much for too long. It is crucial things like this that makes Reason cumberstone to use, the sequencer part really need to level up in user friendliness. It has the potential and I hope this getting done very soon. It is so frustrating to not see exactly what notes on the keys one push down.
michal22 wrote:
02 Feb 2019
Editing in Reason also pushes me away. Searching for notes when typing them is very tiring. I think that there should be some lines leading to the keyboard on the left. :puf_unhappy:
Loque wrote:
01 Feb 2019
Its just not there...*sigh*...
[...]after so many years we wanted this simple feature.
Boombastix wrote:
02 Feb 2019
The individual notes should also have a small label so if shows something like C#3, or whatever it is. I get cross eyed trying to see what the notes are on the far right side of my 24"monitor.
Then we need mute for a single notes. Also such a simple feature, but very useful add you try to adjust and work on a melody but do not want to delete your first melodic iteration.
I like the Reason environment but this stuff always makes me think I should just spend $49 and get Cubase for it's Midi editing capabilities...

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