Reason modular mode: activated!

Have any feature requests? No promise they'll get to the Props but you can still discuss them here.

Would you buy a "modular" upgrade to Reason?

1: Yes up to 150 bucks
2: No, regular upgrades are on my list only.
3: Only if I can get a peek preview of what is going behind the curtains with the Elk stuff!!!!
4: I'd rather watch Back into the future III and relax a bit. Let others decide.
Total votes: 13
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Post 26 Jan 2019

Is it possible? I know this is extreme, hopefully less than the idea of rewriting Reason in SVG for zooming purposes :mrgreen:

Reason is a host, with master clock, and a sequencer tied to that, which in turns is tied to the audio engine.
Without a unified audio engine for the rack, no cv connection is possible. Some devices might have been written to work under certain conditions, and might void warranty if opened :?: aka the 64 internal sample rule.

Possible solutions:
Multiply the audio engine iterations for each device in the rack, unlink SSL mixer section, sequencer, master clock and midi preferences, rack, into three/four separate jobs, executionables, which can be turned off together with their audio engine, except for the rack part of it, which needs a ghost mutable environment to trick other multiple audio iterations, that it is still running at 64 samples.
Treat every module in the new rack environment as an FSB process (this might be really stupid).

Possible roads opening:
Midi in modules would make much more sense, and the Hardware interface would be obsolete.
Add a Midi in/out and clock in/out stock device and an audio interface the like of VCV only available when modular mode is running (or upgrade the Hardware interface to do that, but it would make much more sense to get off it, for modular mode) then (preferences: start reason in modular mode) enable custom internal modular sample rate.
This two new modules should, replace completely the Audio/midi preferences, at this point, Reason could work way better than a Vst, send and receive completely custom clocks.
Also it could be more (or worst) power/cpu efficient on the Elk os, BUT a default interface could get a click cv in/out.

PS. This should be just a launch option, but it could be also a parallel development, and then marketed as a "brother" "twin" Reason environment, and get its credits separatedly in some ways, I don't know otherwise if this could be viable, other than the Elk stuff itself which won't contribute to this on its own if the cake plummets to the sea..

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Post 29 Jan 2019

I posted an idea similar to this

A rack program that runs alongside Reason (like record use to)

But this rack would have front cables, and the normal Reason rack would have some new utility devices that would let you insert an audio in/out as well as CVin/out
And the brother/sister rack would be something similar to vcv or cherry audios modular environment, but this one could feature Re developers who make little devices

Also it would be a neat. Idea because then propellerhead could work on workflow bugs and audio engine stuff, and alongside they could release an oscillator envelope or utility
So we could get the stuff we need for smoother workflow while st the same time still getting new devices:D
The one negative thing I could see, is that they get too into developing the new system, I wouldn’t ever want propellerhead to stray from improving Reason :)
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Post 29 Jan 2019

I read some days ago that vcv is making some amazing stuff at multi-core-audio direction, throw in the Blam modules, the Beans, vcv Bridge, and it's pretty near both visions!

I got some retrokits mini-midi midi-analog converters in the meantime, no idea what kind of midi data will pass through, hopefully the clock is there, but yeah, I would definitely love to get a Bpm clock Re that could run in a twin/brother program, and have Reason able to listen to that clock.
Next time I would like to hook up some extra hw from Reason or the other way around, I could save on DC midi converters!

Another option could be temporarily open the Ableton link source code for vcv, if not straight ahead, it could bring some mutual advancement to the pack... :) I can't comment on Record becouse I've never had it.

Viking2 proved the modular direction is worth the struggle, it's possible to keep this way for prop, it's up to them see what is worth and whatnot. Also Complex-1 runs in free mode? Not sure, but Complex-2 could be the first new future rack of this new breed :puf_smile:

Instead that modular mode, ... it could be... Complex??

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