Edit remote override mapping on a per instrument/device basis

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Hi guys,

I stumbled onto this issue while mapping midi input from my controler to the software.
So basically I'm happy with the functionality of the remote override mapping although I thought it was kind of strange that reason limits you to assign a midi input from a rotary, slider or whatever to just one function within reason.
So lets say I'dd assign a rotary input to a knob on the thor synth for example, then I can't assign the same rotary on my midi controler to another knob to another instrument like for instance. a knob on the europe synth.
My suggetion is to add the functionality of the remote override on a per instrument/device basis so that when you switch to another device you can regain complete access to all the knobs, buttons and sliders of your midi controller all over again..
This way we would be able to create maps for every individual device within reason and I'dd say this should be possible by use of a while statement when coding.

Anybody else had any simular ideas?

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For the functionality you desire there's the option of remote maps and codecs. If you're lucky your keyboard vendor or someone on the internet wrote some for you. If not you'll have to do it yourself.
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Right so I figured out that you can achieve the desired result by switching midi chanels on my controler. :puf_bigsmile:

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