Fix "Drum Edit" mode and add support to A-List series

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Post 03 Jan 2019

The midi clip editor in the sequencer has three modes: "Key Edit", "Drum Edit" and "REX Edit" (see page 255 in Operational Manual).

As far as I can tell ReDrum is the only one that defaults to the "Drum Edit" mode, but you can change any midi clip (lane) to use this mode with the drop down on the right side just below the zoom icons.

The A-List Drummer series has both one sparse range of keys for playing the individual drums and another continuous range for triggering different pattern sequences. It would be ideal if opening a midi clip automatically defaulted to Drum Edit mode, had proper names for all the notes/patterns and left out the empty note ranges.

But even if all REs had perfect setups there would still be times when I'd want to do it manually, e.g. a combinator with Ryan Greene Alt Drums and in that case it would be great if we could rename the notes manually and then use a fold function (like Ableton) that makes it only show the named ones.

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Post 03 Jan 2019

For me, the note folding feature is one that would be very welcome.

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