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Post 01 Jan 2019

I got into a big problem regarding external midi-audio interfaces, read viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7510389 post in Reason general for details, and why other daws at this time can do the job :puf_unhappy:

I can not tell Reason not to use one particular interface, being it audio, midi, or both. Because there is not an advanced midi tab, and I have no use of easy midi input. My Boutiques midi-audio interfaces will show up as both audio interfaces and midi devices i/o. We are all losing an important feature here. Please fix this :thumbs_up: .

(Ps not really important)
I would like to be able to save the preferences, so that every time I power an interface, it won't appear as new, but
it is recognised and automatically go unlisted, disabled or enabled, so it would not crash an open song with an editor open in it or cause other damage (as unplug my keyboard controller each time a "new" device has been discovered).

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