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So, a possibly whacky idea came to me recently, I'll see if I can explain, let me know what you think:

I'd like to have access to a separate Rack per audio clip. The way in which this would work is that if you chose to open a clip, you would be presented with an area where you could design an effects rack which acted as an insert effect for the clip you are editing. This would allow you to design stuff specifically for the clip you are working on, and have the rack effects hidden inside the clip. Here the rack you design would be separate from the main rack, and when you closed the clip, would freeze the effect on to the audio clip. If you needed to edit the effect, you could double click to edit the clip, and be presented with the internal rack again. Effectively, what I'm talking about is a way to non-destructively burn effects into audio clips, using all the power of a rack, on a per clip basis. This way it would be possible to have a single audio track in the main sequencer, but distinct effect chains per audio clip within this. It would also allow you to tidy some effects away from the main rack and sequencer.

At the moment the workflow for achieving a similar result(many different effects on multiple audio clips on one overall audio track) involves multiple burn downs of audio in a single track, having to switch on/off many different audio effects, with difficulty doing recall if you choose to freeze and delete the effects to save CPU.

Weird or wonderful?

Peace and out,

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