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After a Black Friday binge, my number of VSTs has dramatically increased and Reason's stability has, predictably, decreased. Trying to narrow down which VSTs are causing the most problems is a real pain as the window to manage VST plugins and Rack Extensions is pretty bare bones. So I started thinking about what you might want in the plugin management window.

- Allow for multiple selections when enabling/disabling.
- Do we really need the warning pop-up? Wouldn't a "Changes will take place next time you restart" message next to the Enable/Disable button suffice?
- Only show enabled/disabled option
- Make the difference between enabled and disabled more visible eg. use green and red colour coding.
- An option to create sets of plugins that you can enable or disable. It would allow you to create sets for "Songwriting", "Mixing", "None" or "All".
- An option to bring up the Manage Plugins window on startup by holding down a hotkey so you can decide at startup which set you will use.

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